FSS Fire Suppression System


  • protection of the crew
  • protection of the vehicle
  • protection of the systems
  • ensuring readiness for action
  • increasing survivability

The FSS fire suppression system consists of the detector, control unit and extinguishing-agent container. A major advantage of our system is fire detection with the dual UV/IR detectors. With fire detection in the ultraviolet as well as infra-red range, all the different rays of the fire/flames are detected within ~3 milliseconds. Smaller pool fires, cable fires, starting explosions and low-speed detonations are already detected when they emerge.

The control unit of the FSS fire suppression system is the decisive interface and thus “the brain” of the system. The microprocessor controls all processes and ensures permanent monitoring of the whole fire protection system and activates the fire-extinguishers.

A special advantage:

detection and control unit in one device1

The fire extinguisher is made of seamlessly drawn special steel and has a valve head with triggering unit. The distribution nozzle ensures an even concentration of the FE36 extinguishing agent in the squad compartment in less than 200 milliseconds.