The DND quality claim

„Our strengths lie in the development of modern fire protection systems, production with the highest level of vertical integration and professional advice and service and thus guarantee safe and efficient extinguishing systems.“

DND Fire Protection Systems

Product Advantages and Customer Benefits

  • increases the ability to survive and protects the vehicle
  • saves people’s lives and limits skin burns
  • limits damage to the vehicle to a minimum
  • availability of the crew and increased of combat capability
  • no damage, but support of morale
  • safeguards mobility and readiness for action
  • reduces downtime
  • enhances effectiveness in action
  • supports operational reliability of the systems built into the vehicle
  • costs for medical treatment are reduced

With the fire-suppression and fireextinguishing systems, DND makes a substantial contribution to the increasing of mobile staying-power/ assertiveness, mission fulfilment and survival ability of soldiers and is now, and will continue to be, a strong and reliable partner for the safety of the forces in action.