DND Fire Extinguishing System

With this conventional fire-extinguishing system, the extinguishing-agent containers are installed in the squad compartment and the extinguishing agent, e.g. FE36/HFC236F is fed to the engine and technical areas via a piping system. Fire detection is carried out by thermal and/or optical detectors.

System Solution DND Fire Protection

Fire Recognition: optical detectors with UV/IR signature also recognises small, slowly spreading fires in the squad compartment as well as explosive combustion. The temperature detectors in the aggregate areas detect fires quickly and reliably as they develop.

Controls: Control unit for installation and/or integration into the existing onboard electronics of the vehicle; controls and activates the extinguishing device; is interface between fire-detection, extinguishing device and onboard computer; constantly checks the whole system for possible faults; in the event of a fire, ensures necessary switching-off in order to hamper the cause of the fire and the occurrence of further fires. The controls are fitted with appropriate bus interfaces for the storage and processing of data.

Other modular components:

  • emergency triggering switch for manual activation by the press of a button
  • emergency electricity supply: battery-based system for the reliable supply of energy to the system even in standby mode and/or with motor switched off

The fire protection system of a vehicle ensures efficient readiness for action, supports the fighting morale of the squad and ensures sufficient mobility for fulfilment of the mission.