FES Fire Extinguishing System

A fire in the engine and technical compartment can have a very wide range of causes, but usually the cause is damage to the operating fluid lines. The leaking operating fluid comes into contact with hot components. This can cause a fire to occur almost instantly, presenting a continuing risk to the vehicle and its crew. These potential sources of danger must be automatically detected as quickly as possible and fought with the extinguishing agent.

Dynameco Fire Extinguishing System

On-board integrate system consisting of fire detection, for example with temperature sensors, a highperformance control device and efficient aerosol extinguishing agent. The activation temperature of the temperature detector is software-controlled and can be set to meet individual requirements

FES Dynameco

  • fire fighting: fire in the engine and technical compartment e.g. hydraulics system
  • fire detection: thermal and/or optical detectors
  • extinguisher: aerosol
  • extinguishing time: approx. 5 seconds
  • extinguisher is not pressurised


Due to direct installation in the danger area, no additional piping systems are necessary. This also means that no further space is occupied in the squad compartment. The pressureless Dynameco extinguishers with NSN 4210-12-372-6613 are also distinguished by their low weight and compact design.

Aerosol Extinguisher

  • simple, direct installation in danger area
  • small size and low weight
  • no additional piping system
  • environmentally-friendly and non-toxic extinguishing technology “green technology”
  • energy-withdrawal through binding of free radicals, causing no oxygen deprivation
  • high extinguishing concentration prevents reignition