Effective fire protection is crucial for the survival of man and machine. Complex vehicle requirements demand innovative, compact and efficient extinguishing systems, which must be integrated into the vehicle. The fire protection concept consists of the functions

  • fire detection
  • control of the extinguishing process
  • efficient extinguishing device

Modern military protected command and multipurpose vehicles, armoured transport vehicles, personnel carriers and main battle tanks are exposed to a multitude of dangers in international operations. Particularly dangerous for soldiers and vehicles are the effects of explosions and fire in the squad or engine compartment, which can be caused by weapons or incendiaries. In order to prevent this, automatically functioning, high-performing and very fast-reacting fire protection systems are needed.

Requirements for today’s fire protection systems

  • compact construction
  • low weight
  • service-friendly
  • low maintenance
  • versatile adaptation options
  • integration in different vehicle types
  • retrofittable

A high level of protection and safe functioning of the whole fire-protection solution round off the requirements for modern fire-protection systems.

Active fire-protection means detecting fires quickly and reliably and fighting fire risks effectively. The system should always be ready for operation. Simple and safe integration into the already-existing vehicle concept is, however, also necessary.

Threat Situation

Vehicles must be effectively protected against terrorist attacks in asymmetrical ambushes.

The protection must be effective against the following potential dangers:

  • incendiaries of any kind, such as e.g. fire bottle
  • IEDs, external shelling
  • secondary fires, e.g. cable fires from shortcircuits and stored materials in the interior, e.g. munitions, medical kit and operating materials

DND Fire Protection Systems

The fire extinguishing and fire suppression systems can be used in the following vehicles, among others:

  • main battle tanks
  • protected transport vehicles
  • protected command and multi-purpose vehicles
  • special-purpose vehicles